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The doors of science are open to anyone willing to discover the world with open eyes.

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Inspiring Young Minds

Have you ever wondered about things they just don’t have time to teach about in school like: How does a giant moth fit inside it’s seemingly tiny cocoon, where can you learn about the science of flight interactively with model airplanes and rocket building, or when is the best time/place to see migrating hawks and owls in the area? Are you interested in finding out about all the interesting things you can do for fun as a family and learn something new in the process? Are you interested in connecting with people who share your interests? Young Eyes On Science was created to inspire parents to take an active role in their children’s education by providing a resource that helps make it fun for all.

Sharing Experience

Whether animal or rocket science we have something to share. We know you do too, so share your experiences and story’s with us to benefit young learners and other parents alike. To grow as a community we need your help.

Reaching The Stars

There are many local groups and organizations where you can meet others who share your interests. Check out our blog and also the link page to learn more about what this area has to offer. Education is not just obtained through school and by providing enriching experiences for our children we help them to grow.


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